3 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Wood Floors

Jun 17, 2021 | Wood Floor Cleaning

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Wood Floors

1. Don’t let spills stay on your wood floors. 

As soon as you notice a liquid spill, sticky stain, or any type of mess from cleaning products or other substances on your hardwood floors, quickly wipe it up using a soft microfiber cloth.

Although wood doesn’t stain like carpet, spills can still cause damage like discoloration and warping.

2. Don’t vacuum wood floors with the beater bar turned on. 

The beater bar on a vacuum is the mechanism that the bristles are attached to. While highly effective on carpet, the beater bar can scratch and wear down the finish on your wood floors.

Some vacuums have a setting where you can stop the beater bar from turning. If not, it may be time to invest in a new vacuum where you can change this setting. The same rules apply for stiff brooms— use a soft-bristle broom to avoid scratching your floors.

3. Don’t use soaps, steam cleaners, waxes, or polishes.

Steam cleaners, soaps, waxes, and polishes can work well on some surfaces, but not hardwood floors! Steam can cause separation and damage the wood. Soaps and wax leave sticky residue and buildup behind, and polishes can actually dull hardwood finishes.

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning in Provo, UT

The tips above can help keep your wood floors protected and in good shape. However, if you need an extra hand keeping them clean, call Precision Chem-Dry for wood floor cleaning in Provo, UT!

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