Breathe Easier: How Hot Carbonating Extraction Leads to Healthier Carpets

May 7, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

tech with carpet cleaning machine

Finding the right carpet cleaner goes beyond brand recognition. Understanding the cleaning process used in your home is crucial—after all, your carpets deserve the best care to maintain their beauty and contribute to a healthy environment.

Why Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Whether you have playful children or furry companions, carpets act as magnets for dirt, allergens, and grime. Regular professional cleaning offers significant benefits:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Over time, trapped particles in carpets can be released back into the air you breathe. Professional cleaning removes these contaminants, promoting a healthier home environment.
  • Extended Carpet Lifespan: Dirt and grime accelerate carpet wear. Professional cleaning techniques remove these contaminants, promoting longer-lasting carpets.

The Chem-Dry Advantage: Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE)

Chem-Dry stands out for its innovative HCE process, a method developed over 40 years ago. HCE tackles dirt and grime differently than traditional steam cleaning, offering several key advantages:

  • Faster Drying Times: HCE uses significantly less water than steam cleaning. This translates to carpets that dry within hours, minimizing the risk of mold and mildew growth.
  • No Sticky Residue: Traditional steam cleaning can leave behind residue that attracts dirt. HCE utilizes a gentle, soap-free solution called The Natural® that leaves no residue, promoting longer-lasting clean carpets.
  • Safer for Your Home: The Natural® solution is free of harsh chemicals, making it safe for families with children, pets, and allergy sufferers.

HCE: Deep Cleaning with Millions of Bubbles

The HCE process relies on millions of tiny carbonated bubbles in The Natural® solution. These bubbles penetrate deep into your carpets, lifting dirt and grime from the fibers and backing. Our professional technicians then use powerful extraction equipment to remove the dislodged dirt and moisture, leaving your carpets clean and refreshed.

Beyond Deep Cleaning: Addressing Tough Stains

We understand that accidents happen. In addition to HCE cleaning, we offer Specialty Stain Removal and P.U.R.T.® pet urine treatment services to tackle even the most stubborn stains.

Experience the Chem-Dry Difference in Utah County

Don’t settle for just clean carpets. Choose HCE for a healthier home environment and long-lasting results. Contact our professional carpet cleaners in Utah County today at (801) 905-1627 to schedule your appointment!